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Firefighter Practice Tests
CPS YORK Firefighter Test

Firefighter Practice Tests

Firefighter Practice Tests

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An Ontario paramedic, of any level, must hold Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant (AEMCA) qualifications or training and qualifications recognized as equivalent.

AEMCA qualifications are acquired by first completing a paramedic program from an approved college. Upon completion, you must pass a provincial examination (AEMCA) set by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to receive certification as an Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant. Then you must pass a Written Exam, Practical Exam and Interview at your chosen EMS Service.

Gain the confidence and skills to pass the AEMCA & Written Exam with Test Ready Pro!

"My name is Craig Brydges and I am a Primary Care Paramedic with Niagara Region EMS...I feel the practice AEMCA Exam and the Employment Entry Exam is a great way to gain valuable knowledge and skills. I know how hard it is to land a career these days given the current shortage of positions and the mass release of qualified Paramedics every year. Unfortunately the industry for the time being is a survival of the fittest...The information that can be aquired through such a program may just give you that extra boost when applying for a job with various services" C. Brydges, October, 2008

Watch TRP Live: Firefighter Recruitment (CPS Test, Gledhill Shaw/OS, General, York/CPAT)

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PATI TEST, WCT, BPAD, PREP, Constable Selection System

CPS Style Firefighter Practice Tests & Training Course

Gledhill OS Style Firefighter Practice Test & Training Course

United States:

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National Firefighter Selection Test Inventory (NFSI) Preparation


NEW: Toronto Fire Service Written Aptitude Test Preparation!

TRP FireFighter Test Preparation & Recruitment Preparationby TestReadyPro.com includes preparation (practice tests) for the following Firefighter Entrance Tests:


  • UNLIMITED Gledhill/Shaw OS (Personel Test/Psychological Test)
  • UNLIMITED General-Department Specific Firefighter Practice Tests/Firefighter exams
  • York/Waterloo/Brock CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) Fitness Test Preparation
  • Firefighter Interview Preparation
  • Complete Learning Material - Mechanical Reasoning, Maths, Written Skills \



Police Practice Tests & Firefighter Practice Tests Now Available at TestReadyPro.com:

Most Popular Police Tests12 years old fuck a girl

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